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Dual Blade (DB) Build for Monster Hunter Now (MH Now)

Dual Blade (DB) is a special branch of the Explorer Thief class in MapleStory. It has a unique weapon called Rending Beaks (Kulu) which is a safe earl
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Dual Blade (DB) Build for Monster Hunter Now (MH Now)

Dual Blade (DB)

A new addition from the December 7th patch, and our fastest weapon yet. Boasts unique mechanics like being able to attack while dodging, and a stamina bar for its "Demon Mode" mechanic.

Armor marked by a 🔸 indicate that the piece is optional, and adds either minimal power to your set or has strong competition in the slot. These sets are created to maximize offensive firepower without many difficult-to-activate conditional skills. The listed grades will be the minimum required to obtain the offensive skills, and it is recommend you upgrade them further than listed if you find the need for more defense.

Early Game (Pre-Anjanath)

Head Kulu Headpiece (Grade 2)
Body Armor Leather Mail (Grade 2)
Vambraces Girros Vambraces (Grade 2) 🔸
Belt Jagras Coil (Grade 2) 🔸
Greaves Kulu Greaves (Grade 2)

Few options early on, notable pieces for the future are the Kulu Head and Legs. The Vambraces and Coil can be left as unupgraded leather if you want, since they'll be replaced by Rathian soon enough.

Mid-Game (Pre-Diablos)

Head Kulu Headpiece (Grade 4)
Body Armor Leather Mail (Grade 2) 🔸
Vambraces Rathian Vambraces (Grade 4)
Belt Rathian Coil (Grade 4) 🔸
Greaves Kulu Greaves (Grade 2)

The options are still quite limited. The Leather Mail can be replaced by anything else if you feel uncomfortable using it at this stage, but there's really nothing better. The Rathian Coil isn't beneficial at all here, but there are no offensive coils before it except the G4 Jagras which is just an odd investment. The Rathian Coil is only here because it's a permanent piece once it unlocks Burst at Grade 6.

End Game (Pre-Rathalos)

Head Rathalos Helm (Grade 6)
Body Armor Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)
Vambraces Rathian Vambraces (Grade 6)
Belt Rathian Coil (Grade 6)
Greaves Kulu Greaves (Grade 6)

Rathalos helm always wins over Kulu. Thank you Burst!

Dual Blade (DB) Weapon Choice

Rending Beaks (Kulu) a very safe early game choice, with acceptably mediocre raw and affinity to help it further. And yet, of the raw dual blades options, this is actually the weakest (ignoring Ore tree).
Mammoth Direbones (Banbaro) the second best option, with higher raw than usual being greatly assisted by dual blade's reliance on the Burst skill.
Diablos Hatchets (Diablos) the strongest non-event set of dual blades.
Thanatos Mauls (Black Diablos) what I'd put in the number 0 spot, as it is marginally stronger than the Diablos Hatchets, but is far harder to get upgraded as Black Diablos is tied to limited-time events as of now.

Misc Set for Dual Blade (DB) Build

Either extra meta sets or meme sets, anything I couldn't fit above.

Beyblade Partbreaker

Head Diablos Nero Helm (Grade 5)
Body Armor Banbaro Mail (Grade 6)
Vambraces Rathian Vambraces (Grade 6)
Belt Diablos Coil (Grade 5)
Greaves Diablos Greaves (Grade 6)

You can ditch any of the Partbreaker 1 pieces if you're using the Black Diablos Dual Blades at G8 or higher, because of innate Partbreaker.

Burst 5 [PEAK DBs]

Weapon Diablos/Black Diablos Dual Blades
Head Zinogre Helm (Grade 6)
Body Armor Rathalos Mail (Grade 6)
Vambraces Rathian Vambraces (Grade 6)
Belt Rathain Coil (Grade 6)
Greaves Zinogre Greaves (Grade 5)

This set has literally no downsides. Burst 5, Weakness Exploit 2, Lock-on, and a point in Evasive Concentration as a cherry on top. This will be the best until better sources of Burst are added. Only pain point is having to farm Zinogre...

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